Online Presence

What is Online Presence? Online Presence is any bit of digital information about your company that can be written, engage, search, seen, linked or shared online.

Why is Online Presence important? It is used in marketing (Inbound marketing) and quality digital content can help your target audience find your company.

How to have an effective Online Presence? To have an effective Online Presence for your business, a website will be needed, subscription to an S.E.O. (search engine optimization) service, a digital marketing campaign that includes having an active social media accounts that post relevant topics, and writing blogs and articles about the company and it’s services or products.

Can my company get the results immediately? Results cannot be seen or achieve overnight but the foundation to have an effective online presence that has a lasting effect and because the long-term goal for the company really are; to have an online visibility, ranking in search engines, to bring traffic to the company’s website, to achieve brand familiarity and loyalty, to direct the distribution of information to all target customers, to lower the cost, and to engage the customers.

Do I need a website if I have a social media account? Some companies will just opt to just have a social media account (example: Facebook), and forego the opportunity to maximize their online presence. If a company is limiting their online presence, then the purpose of being exposed to a wider audience will also be limited.

Why having an Online Presence seem a bit pricey? Some companies will take account the budget needed for an effective online presence but the true cost of having an effective digital campaign is much less if it’s taken into account that the company is laying a good foundation for their company’s digital footprint in the long run and when the brand loyalty is achieved. The price of a small advertisement in a print media (ex: newspaper) that can run for a single day is still higher compared to a digital marketing that you can actually target your customers, have a wider reach and that the digital advertisement campaign can last for several days.

An effective Online Presence can be achieved when a company is convinced that for it to grow is to focus on achieving their goals and conquer the digital world and maximize their exposure.

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