Social Media as your Marketing Tool

Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere sign on white background.

Nowadays, Social Media is the number one past time of Americans surpassing television and sports. According to an internet marketing statistics report in 2013 that the Asia-Pacific will have the highest population who will use social network worldwide through 2017 and the Middle East and Africa will follow next.

Almost 90% of businesses are using Social Media as their marketing tool to earn online users.

Social Media is a huge success, and it will only get even bigger! So if you are not using Social Media for Marketing, you are no doubt missing immensely on a large number of the potential consumer.

I am not going to deny that I personally have fallen to the obsession with Facebook and Twitter that it becomes one of my morning and night time routines to check the Newsfeed and even fallen into clicking on some paid advertisement that looks so enticing!

To make your Ad works, you need to have the right implementation.

  • Optimizing to make your social media pages to get a professional look is crucial. Use high detailed photos or videos that consumers can see clearly and not lose their interest in your ad. Great photos and images also boost your social media presence and get the most shares on Facebook.
  • Spend more time and engage more frequently with your users.
    You want to be active in your consumer and committed to answering any of their feedback positive or negative.
    Never ignore negative comments also on your social media for this is a critical part of your social media management and can ruin their trust to your product.
    Paying attention to your social media visitors shows your social conduct towards your consumer, and they will build confidence to your company.
    When you send a sensible response in a prompt manner, your visitor will be flattered and admired your service right then and then.
  • To give you a spritz, investing in online ads can help, and this can go a long way. Social Media Marketing is worth to try since cost is lower than media buying or Google AdWords.
  • Keep your posting constant, but efficient and feed the consumer curiosity each time. Always use your logo as a lasting impression so the customer can quickly find and remember you again in other channels.
  • Quality vs. Quantity. Try to be picky on your social media content. Post something that is relevant and helpful to the customer as well as entertaining. Try not to post, just to show that you are active on your social media news feed. Alternatively, you do not want just to be a company that sends links all day. Social media purpose is to be social and be engaging to other users.

Try to follow these tips and your business will be more visible online. With so many things to do online now, you do not want to miss any noticeable gain in your Social Media Marketing.

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