Top 7 reasons to have an eCommerce website

E-commerce is on the rise in most countries, therefore, an e-commerce website is a great investment whether you are selling products on the internet or even at physical locations. The tools and features in an e-commerce website are able to increase your revenue and grow your business.

It is important to consider if you have enough staff members to handle your orders, phone calls, packaging, distribution, emails among other activities,

That being said, what are the reasons for having an e-commerce website?

1. World Wide Market

No doubt physical stores are convenient for people living around but the question a business person should ask is, what happens to the wider market that live far?

An e-commerce website is able to broaden a business’s customer reach and ultimately increase returns in the long run. With the internet, distance has seemingly become a zero problem because customers can buy anything at the comfort of their couch.

SEO and the social media are basically the central keys to help potential buyers to be able to find your website, maximize on them.

2) Open 24/7

In various businesses, physical stores cannot be open at all times. It is incredible that an ecommerce website never closes, this way one can become a 24 hour sales man and as such customers get products at any time of the day.

People’s lives are now hectic and sometimes they cannot spare time out of their day to visit a physical store. The convenience of an e-commerce website provides customers with what they want, whenever they want.

3) Taps into social media

It is the 21st century, most of all, a social universe. Many potential buyers have opted to social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in searching for the best good and services.

A business should think of a good social media strategy that is able to merge with the ecommerce website to attract more traffic and sales. I would suggest the use of competitions and content that can be shared as vital gears in social media platforms. This is all about connecting emotionally with your customers.

4) Lower Overheads.

Building a website will necessitate initial heavy investment but I can tell you one thing, it is worth every cent in the long run. Comparing an e-commerce website and a physical store, you will realize the expenses involved in running an e-commerce website is significantly low.

When you are dealing with a physical store, it translates to high cost in employee hiring, rent, electricity bills, water bills etc. However, with an affordable e-commerce website you can cut this costs by a huge margin including a smaller workforce.

5) Affiliate Marketing

This is an enormous advantage one gets when having an e-commerce website. Affiliate marketing involves other websites placing your goods and services on their site. The outcome of this is boosted sales, although you have to pay them some little commission it is worthwhile in the end.

Furthermore, it is essential to go the drawing board and select the very best e-commerce solution provider before embarking on affiliate marketing

6) Access to Customer Data

When selling products using an e-commerce website, you tend to have a very wide scope of customer data that sooner or later helps to advance your business

Through the customer data, businesses can know what customers are looking for, what products are being purchased more, customer emails, among many other details. As a result, businesses are able to provide a rich experience to their customers.

7) Offering of fair price

In many physical businesses we see prices being inflated so as to cater for most of the overhead costs. Nonetheless, with an e-commerce website businesses are able to offer more reasonable costs since the operation costs are low. What this means is more sales, less work for the owners.

Wrapping up I would say, an e-commerce website is the principal tool for any business. However, businesses should ensure their products are top notch and that their websites attract a lot of web traffic for e-commerce websites to be successful.

With this powerful tool you might as well be the next Bill Gates, only time will tell

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