Why is having a Website Important than having a Social Media Only?

Website Importance vs Social Media

In the current modern world, both websites and social media platforms serve almost the same thing as far as the interaction of customers with organizations is concerned. There are various contradicting views concerning the importance of a website as opposed to having a social media platform. The critical question marketers and advertisers should be asking themselves are why website is important or deemed to be better than the social media alone. Evaluation needs to be done to ascertain whether a business can exist and conduct its online transactions with only a social media platform with no actual business website. It has been noted that while social media is a significant tool for conducting online marketing and reaching the customers, it cannot be compared to a corporate website.

Business needs a website for various reasons, and one of the most common reason is credibility. For a business that wants to gain customer trust and loyalty, credibility is a key factor. It is true that you can use social media platforms such as Facebook to maintain your online presence, but this translates to facing the risk of scammers who will develop fake Facebook pages similar to yours. Having a website is taking a step further into credibility as it gives you the ability to purchase a domain name and also describe your business in the most accurate manner. This cannot be compared to maintaining a profile in the social media platform.

A website is also an affordable and effective online marketing platform that creates value for your business. Your business needs a website that can attract traffic and leads through the inbuilt links and thus creating value out of your capital invested in paying a professional web designer to come up with the website. To improve your online marketing, it is paramount to rely on the services available on a website as opposed to the social media platforms. The social media platforms have limited data concerning your marketing needs as opposed to websites that are equipped with analytical tools such as Google analytics and Hub Spot that provide data insights that will assist you to improve your online presence significantly and fulfill your online marketing needs.

Better Communication

Regarding effective communication, a website is better than social media alone as it allows you the flexibility of collecting and communicating information from your visitors through various platforms. Communication in the social media platform is dictated by the type of platform that you are using as opposed to a website where you have an option of choosing from a variety of platforms to communicate with whether you want to use an email, Facebook or Twitter, all are provided on the website.

Control over operations

One of the most crucial reason having a website is more important than having a social media only, is the ability to gain control over your activities such as online marketing. Once you build a website, you own it completely and have control over every operation as opposed to a social media platform which requires you to adhere to the rules and regulations governing such a platform you are using.


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